Where mythology, monsters, and magic meet . . . you’ll find Myth-illogical.

In this live-action RPG, join our overworked Game Master (Luna B) and our three clueless adventurers (Aiko, Kousuke, and Ward) while they discover their destiny . . . as monster hunters! Explore the heavenly Above and the (literally) down-to-earth Below. Enter an imaginary world that blends Japanese Mythology and whimsical fantasy. Oh, and get ready for some seriously stupid choices.

Game System: (modified) Monster of the Week

Check out Myth-illogical every third Friday of the month!



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Check out our cast:

Luna B (GM)

A longtime nerd who only discovered how fun TRPGs are in the last couple years but is dying to be in another. A first time GM, but longtime writer.

Kacie (Ward)

Kacie Iuvara is a trash goblin who will be playing as a much grumpier trash goblin. No, her character is not really a goblin. Ward is an akethaan, or a mer-person. She is perfectly capable of having legs, and also breathing air, which she uses to complain at top volume. She may be the oldest of the trio, but in this case, age most definitely does not equal wisdom. If Kacie had to sum up Ward in one line, it would be simply this: “Extra as hell.”

Haley (Kousuke)

Kousuke is a smol bean of a terrathan played by Haley. Kousuke spends most of their time running around poking their nose anything that sounds weird or fun, while still trying not to step on any toes. They really just want to be friends with all the new people they meet, but that isn’t easy because 1. Their squad is made up of one calm/cool/collected person and one grumpy trash goblin, and 2. Weird things always seem to happen around them…

Rachel (Aiko)

“A straight-up b*tch.” – Ward

Kacie also likes to draw stuff.

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