Swamp clowns? Daddy issues? The dreaded love triangle? If you’re looking for the odd or clichéd, Write, Right, and Wrong has you covered! In this podcast, we’ll tackle common tropes – good, bad, and everything in between – along with bizarre or unique pieces of literature.

Fantasy, mythology, comedy, and three clueless heroes – what could possibly go wrong? Probably everything. So join us on this head-first plunge into the world of actual-play podcasts . . . with a twist. Myth-illogical is a different game, different rules, and a whole new original setting. Our adventure combines Japanese mythos with good old-fashioned fantasy, using the Monster of the Week TRPG.

Two bros, one story. Writing…with no way to plan, and no idea what’s happening next. You ever played author popcorn? Well, neither have we!

A fan project to translate the popular podcast into Japanese for listeners in Japan and those studying the language.

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