Aliases Include:

  • Donk
  • Kektor
  • Kase
  • Nico (during my emo phase)
  • Dad
  • And more!

Hell friendo! My name is Kacie, but anything from the list above works too.

Ignoring all my secret double lives, I am an aspiring author, actor, and of course, podcaster. I have dabbled in the fine arts of TikTok, longboarding, hip hop dance, and clowning (let’s not talk about that one). I’m a strong advocate for racial and LGBT+ representation. Let’s all be nice to each other, hm?

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Kacie makes her theatrical debut as Ward, a trash-fire of a character. She complains a lot. But can you blame her, when her whole life just changed . . . and she doesn’t remember her past at all?

Check it out >

Co-host & Composer

One of two authors on our popcorn book-writing quest. Gosh, it’s hard to co-write.

Check it out >

Co-host & Composer

Professional talker. The cheekier half of the duo, and, as Luna would describe it, “the opposite of chill.” Listen to her talk (and sometimes yell) in a podcast where we seek out common tropes and very, very uncommon written works.

Check it out >

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